I forgot to care


You might have heard of Dr Atala before. He was the man behind the lab grown penises implanted on rabbits. These rabbits were able to reproduce normally.

Atala’s research was to be able to use one’s own cells to grow organs and body parts without fear of your body rejecting it.

This was announced around 8 years ago with no further information. But just last year, they announced that the US government will fund Dr Atala and his group for 5 years in order to develop medical procedures for wounded veterans… with the lab grown penises on the to do list.

This means that within 5 years time, surgery to have a surgically attached and fully functional penis will be possible. Only one more, short little jump from that opens the possibilities for transsexual men in the future.

I know I’m excited.

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    “The AFIRM-II team will focus on developing clinical therapies over the next five years focusing on: ● Restoring...
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    This resurfacing and that earthworm robot video both said ~5 years, which is VERY exciting news :D
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