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You might have heard of Dr Atala before. He was the man behind the lab grown penises implanted on rabbits. These rabbits were able to reproduce normally.

Atala’s research was to be able to use one’s own cells to grow organs and body parts without fear of your body rejecting it.

This was announced around 8 years ago with no further information. But just last year, they announced that the US government will fund Dr Atala and his group for 5 years in order to develop medical procedures for wounded veterans… with the lab grown penises on the to do list.

This means that within 5 years time, surgery to have a surgically attached and fully functional penis will be possible. Only one more, short little jump from that opens the possibilities for transsexual men in the future.

I know I’m excited.


Flaccid (left) and erect (right).
It does get a bit bigger and harder, as you can see.

Watch the video at the end of the page, graphic but informational.

Phalloplasty procedure done in Brazil.


really great phalloplasty results a friend just sent me. done by dr christopher/ralph and their team in london. thought some of the guys interested in phallo would appreciate this!


Metoidioplasty - pee

FTM Bottom Surgery posts


Researchers are inching ever-closer to being able to grow fully functioning human genitalia in the lab — and that has serious, near-term implications. For accident victims. For transsexual men. And, yes, for the poorly endowed.


Videos of guy who has had phalloplasty in sexual action

He posted 3 more videos the other day. Videos are NSFW. I’m posting this for trans men who want bottom surgery.

4 Weeks Post-Metoidioplasty: Removing my catheter


  • Suprapubic catheter removal - Video
  • Voiding without a catheter
  • Removal of most stitches, yay!!!

You can view the video of me removing my suprapubic catheter here: 

On my Website


On my YouTubehttp://youtu.be/iwwMq90wCOQ

Catheter Removal: The time has come at last, time to remove my suprapubic catheter! I have received a couple of concerned questions from followers regarding the safety of removing this by myself, I’d like to put minds at ease. I could make an appointment with my primary care physician and have them remove it, and if you are feeling at all uncertain then by all means you should do this. However, Miro assured me that it’s not a big deal. Cut the stitch and pull, gently but continuously. Plus, I’m kind of a do-it-yourself kind of guy. I did take the precaution of doing this while my wife was home, in case something unforeseen occurred. I am happy to report that it went very well, no problems. I was surprised by how long it was, I measured it to be 8 inches deep. It did not hurt much at all, mostly just felt very weird. The only uncomfortable part was near the very end, but that’s just because the tube had a sort of “U” bend at the end which put some pressure on the tissue. 

TIP: Be sure to void completely before removing the catheter. I’d just use the catheter to make sure you’ve got it all out. Also be sure to have a bit of gauze handy in case you get some leaking. I had almost no leaking, I had a bunch of stuff ready just in case but ended up just putting on a dab of antibiotic cream and a regular bandaid. 

Voiding without a catheter: As instructed I began voiding two days before removing the catheter. This makes sense, why remove the catheter before you know that everything is working well? So far I have been urinating while sitting on the toilet, the urine stream doesn’t come out all perfect just yet and I don’t want to make a mess. It stings a bit, but that will go away in time. The most bothersome thing about urinating through my urethra is that it increases the leaking of fluid. I e-mailed Marta and asked her about this issue, and she confirmed what I thought it was - essentially just urine that didn’t come out all the way and so is sitting in my urethra. So as I walk around and stand/sit the pressure causes this fluid to come out, what I call “leaking.” To help mitigate this issue until everything finishes healing she suggested that I “milk” the urethra. Essentially you just add pressure just below the scrotum, then a bit higher up, then higher between the testicular implants, etc. all the way up. This helps get the urine out while you’re still on the toilet, reducing the amount that will leak out later. It works fairly well, I am able to get out about 75% of it. Still, it’s incredibly annoying to deal with. Not only does it take me a really long time to pee now, but I tend to be sore afterward due to putting pressure on my testicles. Then there’s the added inconvenience/discomfort of the constant leaking. But, in time, this too shall resolve itself. I just have to remind myself to be patient. 

Stitch Removal: A while back I carefully removed two stitches that were giving me a great deal of grief. The relief was immediate, and made me want to remove all of them. Obviously I didn’t, removing stitches early can cause big problems. But it has been a month since the surgery, so I e-mailed Marta and asked if I could (carefully) remove the stitches running down the middle of the scrotum. These stitches, as mentioned in my 3 weeks post-op post, are quite painful. They make it difficult to clean and they make it difficult to ‘milk’ the urethra, since they are so tender. To my great relief, she said that I could. So I got out a lamp and headlamp, a mirror, some very sharp cuticle scissors (they are sharp and slightly curved, and small - perfect for this), a pair of tweezers, some Q-tips with saline for washing/rinsing, and some antibiotic cream for after I was finished. I sat on a towel to catch any leaking, and washed the tweezers & cuticle scissors. It took me quite a while to get them all, I think mostly because it’s awkward using a mirror to do such delicate work. A couple of them were painful to remove, to most of them not. I also decided to remove the stitches from where the testicular implants were inserted. Long story short? So much better! Instant relief. I can now clean the area far better, and walking no longer causes the stitches to stab me. The only stitches I did not remove are the stitches running down the underside of my penis. My new urethra comes up right there and I want to make absolutely sure everything is healed up there before touching it. They hurt, and I’m sure I’ll feel better once they are gone, but I’m going to give them another week.